This is the Same Ocean

Publication launches @ Motto Berlin, May 20

19 May 2015

This is the Same Ocean brings editor Samuel J. Davison back together with Melbourne-based print studio Dawn Press for a collaborative risograph issue that presents the works of five photographers: New York’s Daniel P. Shea and Brian Kanagaki, Melbourne’s Sarah Pannell, and Berlin’s Ina Niehoff, joined by Davison himself.

Motto Distribution‘s second launch is the fourth issue of Subway magazine, an artist publication by Erik van der Weijde and 4478zine, now published four times a year. The content comes almost entirely from Wikipedia and eBay, interspersed with visual, photographic and poetic works by contemporary artists like Jochen Lempert, Rafaël Rozendaal and Go Itami.

See the This is the Same Ocean launch page and the Subway launch page for details. **


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