12 August 2012

Aleshea Harris is back to Fringe, although not to the Orlando one, she’s coming to the always summery Edinburgh edition for a 2-week representation of her successful Oddlie @ Venue 13.

The American singer-songwriter and actress who has been performing and writing poetry since she was a child brings Oddlie’s sad story to the Scottish public, that of a journey to herself. The story of an unfortunate young woman who is ignored by everyone and leads a pretty miserable existence.

Everything changes the first time she hears the brash and unapologetic Rope Haired Man, a spoken word poet. His bold assertion that he is nobodys gutta sets Oddlie afire in pursuit of poetry. Oddlie then encounters Sasha, a former poet starlet whose right arm holds an invisible thing, whose body is bent with disease, and whose spunk guides Oddlie from Here to There. But Oddlies most important encounter is the one with herself, the truth of where shes been and where she hopes to go.

A highly recommended piece running until next Saturday. More info this way.

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1 Canadian, 1 Chinese, 1 Canadian…

21 February 2011

…go on a business trip across that scary but wonderful empire called China. One wants a baby, the second one dreams with fame & recognition, the last one…, the last one doesn’t even know what to do of his life; and after nearly 2 hours of thunderbolt & lightning through a series of cold, dark & lonely settings we don’t even know how the story ends. Robert Lepage doesn’t want us to.

Because despite having 3 possible endings, they all come to criticize (not fiercely though) the hypocrisy of both eastern & western worlds and their mutual & necessary relationship. The Canadian society (the always admired & respected ) which could represent any western ideal, and then the Chinese one, struggling to keep their thousand-year-old habits while adapting capitalism and it’s wildest excesses.

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