The Latte Vision

Harry Burke + Eloise Bonnevoit performance @, Nov 27

26 November 2014

Artists Harry Burke and Eloise Bonnevïot are putting on a performance to accompany Sanssouci Reality‘s Issue #1: The Latte Vision, taking place in the basement on November 27.

Burke, who previously edited the I Love Roses poetry anthology, will be doing a reading from his latest book of poems, City of God, created as a response to architecture and accompanied by the architectural renderings of architect Alessandro Bava and audio/visuals from artist and 18+ member Samia Mirza. Burke’s publishing house, Version House, writes this about the book: “Each drawing is like a poem, and each poem is like a space in which you can live. Each reading is like a confession. Together they build a city of belief, a City of God.”

Bonnevïot will offer the second performance of the night with a distributed arrangement of her ongoing project, The Meditative Relaxation Cycle, which invites various artists to perform a series of six digital automatic drawings on iPads or tablets as a kind of “contemporary re-appropriation of Surrealist Automatism”.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Sanssouci Realty online residency launch, Oct 14

14 October 2014

As part of‘s ongoing series of residencies, Sanssouci Realty is launching their first issue, titled The Latte Vision and accessible online from October 14.

Derived from post-capitalist economic theory and inspired by the industries of real estate and home decorating, the edition will fall under the Sanssouci Realty umbrella of curated events and exhibitions and goes live today with digital works from 13 artists, including pieces by Ilja Karilampi, Sarah Ludy and Candice Jacobs.

The launch of The Latte Vision will be followed by a live performance on November 27 by contributing artists Harry Burke and Eloise Bonneviot, and by a residency at the exhibition space over December and January. The work and research over that period will then be made into a publication, to be launched in March of 2015, and co-published by Attilia Fattori Franchini, Paul Flannery, and

See the residency/exhibition page for details. **


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