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Planningtorock – ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’

Planningtorock - Misogyny Drop Dead.
18 February 2013

With a planned release of her latest single ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’, out on her own Human Level Recordings on International Women’s Day Friday, March 8, it’s looking like Berlin’s Planningtorock is going to be making as big an impact as her Swedish electronic counterparts The Knife. The two acts not only have a shared creative relationship -recording 2010 Darwinian opera Tomorrow, In a Year, along with Mt Sims -but they also nurture a similar attitude with regards to sexual equality. Far from shying away from a feminist agenda, Rostron has been making it abundantly clear where her sentiments lie, ever since releasing last year’s ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’.

In an interview with aqnb in 2011, around the release of her brilliantly wonky debut W, Rostron anticipated a universal desire for new voices in art and music: “I’m just fucking bored. Really, I’m so over that. I really want something else.” With ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’, it’s sounding like that ‘something else’ has arrived.**

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