‘The Idiots Have Won: From the Pre-Cambrian to the Post-Facebook’

Robin Mackay @ Banner Repeater, Mar 19

19 March 2014

Philosopher and Urbanomic director Robin Mackay is presenting a talk, The Idiots Have Won: From the Pre-Cambrian to the Post-Facebook, along with a screening of Matthew Noel-Tod‘s ‘Bang!‘ (2012) at London’s Banner Repeater on March 19.

Mackay approaches the film as a materialist history mapping the line of human development across from Plato to the 2011 London riots in a what has devolved from “an organic society to the surreal subsumption of capital”.

‘Bang!’ navigates “internet memes, advice dogs and infantilised avatars” to illustrate, according to Mackay, “the unfinished story of communism for a world that’s gone to the dogs”.

Noel-Tod’s ‘A Season in Hell 3D‘ is also showing in the space until April 6.

See the Banner Repeater website for details. **

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