‘The Hum of Machines Chumma Chumma Chumma’

Jenna Sutela + Martin Kohout @ Landsarkivet, Dec 1

1 December 2015

A lecture by Jenna Sutela and a video screening by Martin Kohout is taking place at Gothenburg’s Landsarkivet in Sweden on December 1.

As part of the Communicating the Archive: Inscription lecture series, curated by Gluey-c,  Sutela’s Skype talk ‘The Hum of Machines, Chumma, Chumma, Chumma’, explores similarities between biological viruses and the human language; as ones that alter or mutate by themselves (or by other).

A screening of Kohout’s ‘Sjezd‘ (2014) video will follow, featuring the violent sound of friction between technology and nature.

See the FB event page for details.**

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