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Paul Kneale SEO and Co. @ tank tv, Oct 13 – Nov 21

10 October 2014

London-based artist Paul Kneale is bringing his solo show, SEO and Co., to London’s from October 13 to November 21.

Working from the abstracted computer-assisted transcription of a talk he did with Boris Groys, Wendy Chun, Ben Vickers and Hannah Sawtell at the ICA on the effects of digital structures on physical production, Kneale digs into the grey-scale gaps of language and the processes of “the networked mind”.

Like many of the artists we feature on this site, his method is one of willful misinterpretation “as a strategy for the opening up of imaginative space”. He invites fellow artists, musicians and poets to act out the dialogues that comprise his video, “performing this ‘misprisioned’ content as themselves”, further abstracting the already abstracted transcripts and creating an almost entirely new frame of reference.

Read an interview and see the exhibition page for details. **

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