The Cosmonaut

The Cosmonaut Trailer

16 February 2013

Just a few days ago a first major online release funded via crowdfunding campaign hit the Internet and premiered at a major European film festival (this year’s Berlinale), Simon Klose’s TPB AFK.

Following this democratic funding trend (although the project started its funding campaign way back in 2009 inspired by other projects such as A Swarm of Angels and Artemis Eternal) is the Spanish big bet for this year is called “The Cosmonaut”.

After many rounds and obstacles we finally have a new trailer and a release date: May 14th.

It looks like the nearly 1Milion € raised on the campaign have been well spent, and to celebrate the team have started this week what they’re calling the K – Program for the project supporters, so we all get to see clips and material prior to the release.

In early April the team will launch what they’re calling “Nayik”, a transmedia experience using Facebook to recreate the communications network that the Russian cosmonauts used in Star City.

At the same time, the new website will be launched and while Andrei, Stas and Yulia begin their adventure in Nayik, you’ll also be able to watch some excerpts of their lives in Star City in the 30 webisodes that we’ll start launching by then.

A list of screenings is also been planned for the release and while only 2 cities have been confirmed as of today, users can ask for a premiere or organise screenings on ther webpage. More info this way.

The Cosmonaut still
The Cosmonaut still

Nayik and the webisodes will slowly introduce you in the story of The Cosmonaut until the day when the film will finally be released. At that moment the rest of the webisodes will be out, completing our part of this story: The alternative ending, the secret short film The Moon Files, and many more (everything is detailed in The Plan). After this it will be up to you to make use of the Creative Commons license and continue the story.

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The Cosmonaut trailer

9 November 2011

Aaaand it’s finally here! After half a year since they asked us to back up their long-awaited crowdfunded film, the Riot Cinema collective have kindly released the first trailer of the Cosmonaut (you know… that creative commons Spanish movie that’s all over the news).

As proud supporters we honestly can’t wait until the film finally comes to our local cinemas (supposed to be released next year…)… or the internet, or TV because it should be released at the same time on all medias.

Still from The Cosmonaut - Photo by Miki Ávila
Still from The Cosmonaut - Photo by Miki Ávila

And  after having raised nearly half a million € (they’re saying it’s 54% of their goal budget) it seems it’s only a matter of time (and more money) until the project is complete. Just a few more months pipol!

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