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Implicated Theatre @ Serpentine Galleries, Jun 24

24 June 2016

Implicated Theatre present a participatory evening of theatrical interventions at London’s Serpentine Galleries on June 24.

The event titled ‘Towards a Radio Ballad: Songs of the Journey’ is a part of Serpentine’s Park Nights programme, following on from recent evenings featuring presentations by Camille Henrot, and Fred Moten, Eileen Myles and Sondra Perry.

The group who are based at London’s Centre for Possible Studies take their name from their investigation which they carry out most often through experimental workshops that explore the relationships between political speech and action, the self and the collective, the audience and the actor, the voice and silence.

Particularly focussing their work on migrant’s rights groups and unions, the upcoming evening will present spectators with a type of participation that, according to the group’s manifesto, finds its path in the personal, alongside sound compositions developed from a year-long collaboration with migrant hotel workers from Unite’s Hotel Workers Branch.

See the Serpentine website for more details.**

Implicated Theatre, What Country, Friends, Is This? (2014). Courtesy the artists and Serpentine Galleries.
Implicated Theatre, ‘What Country, Friends, Is This?’ (2014). Courtesy the artists and Serpentine Galleries.


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In the Know

17 May 2011

With the radical cuts to local provision for social and cultural programmes, it is not entirely surprising that art galleries and artists have been getting involved in community education lately. Hauser & Wirth is the latest gallery to educate the masses and, to that effect, they have opened the Picadilly Community Centre. In these times of economic turmoil, it is not without irony that they took over the Former location of the Midland / HSBC Bank in Picadilly Square.

You might wonder why a commercial contemporary art gallery that specializes in avant-garde, highly marketable artists the likes of Martin Creed and Louise Bourgeois would want to suddenly organise dance salsa classes for seniors. Well, I would reply that they are merely catching up with the zeitgeist. Continue reading In the Know

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