The Bernadette Corporation

The Art of Branding @ ICA

28 May 2013

Talking about your personal brand has entered the cultural lexicon with nearly as much ardour as saying “I feel” when talking about what you’re thinking. Within an art context we no doubt have John Kelsey and Bernadette Van-Huy’s The Bernadette Corporation to thank for that. So as the NYC collective’s retrospective draws to a close, the ICA will be hosting Culture Shop: The Art of Branding on Wednesday, May 29, exploring the range of interdisciplinary artists working across architecture, design and branding.

Chaired by Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, architect Sophie Hicks, FAT’s Charles Holland and Sam Bompas from Bompas & Parr. See the ICA website for more details.**

2 Bernadette Corporation, 2000 Wasted Years (2013). Installation view. Image courtesy of ICA. Photo by Mark Blower.

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