The Art of Disappearing

Hervé – ‘Gold (feat Maria Minerva)’

Maria Minerva. Image courtesy of Not Not Fun. Photo by Marek Chorzepa.
7 February 2013

In the next installment in the lead up to Essex producer Joshua Harvey’s upcoming Hervé release Art of Disappearing, out on his own Cheap Thrills label on March 4, aqnb favourite, Maria Minerva (aka Maria Jurr) lends her distinct vocals to ‘Gold’. This time, the Estonian producer doesn’t shy away from letting the meloncholy romanice of her vocals bleed through as Harvey’s downbeat motion privileges a voice that by no fault of her own, is really underrated.

This second album by Hervé follows last year’s debut Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down and already features vocals by the likes of Austra’s Katie Stelmanis and Niki and the Dove. Jurr, on the other hand, will be adding to her slew of releases since making a mark not more than two years on the LA-based Not Not Fun. She has another EP, BLESS, coming out on sister label 100% Silk and performs at London’s Shacklewell Arms tonight, February 6 nearly a year since her first live UK performance at the same venue and moving to the US shortly thereafter. **

Header image by: Marek Chorzepa.

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Hervé ft. Katie Stelmanis – ‘Save Me’

Hervé ft. Katie Stelmanis - 'Save Me'
23 January 2013

UK producer Joshua Harvey (aka Hervé) follows last year’s debut Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down with a surprising U-turn from the bass-heavy dubstep et al of his earlier work. The lead single ‘Save Me’ lives up to the implications of his upcoming second album title The Art of Disappearing, as his throbbing club sounds dissolve into its own spectral soundwaves. Classically-trained Katie Stelmanis of Canadian electronic outfit Austra lends her vocals here with the promise of more collaborations from Niki & The Dove, Seasfire and Maria Minerva to follow. It should be a welcome diversion from the Machines Don’t Care crew member’s early work, while this tripped out video, directed by fellow Londonder Tim Kelly, is clear on the essentials.

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