‘Temra and David in 4 parts’

Oa4s @ Sorbus-galleria, May 20 – Jun 5

19 May 2016

Oa4s is presenting installation-play Temra and David in 4 parts at Helsinki’s Sorbus-galleria, opening May 20 and running to June 5.

The exhibition will feature the residue of an unseen performance, happening privately during install and leaving behind only the material remains —a rope, bells, shelled peanuts, a spittoon, soil —for view of the four-act script. The themes of the play draw on an abstraction of the events and procession of a Spanish bullfight, and playwright Antonin Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty, which scripts “impossible performances, challenges the insufficiency of representation, and calls for theatre as means of immersion in some immanent real.”

Organised by Seventeen Gallery Associate Director Attilia Fattori Franchini, this iteration of the play builds on the previous TEMRA and DAVID in Three Parts, performed and installed for the London gallery’s group exhibition Basic Instinct in September 2015. You can see documentation here.

Listen to the audio announcement and see the Sorbus-galleria website for the full details.**

Oa4s, Special Features (2014). Installation view. Courtesy Lodos, Mexico City.
Oa4s, Special Features (2014). Installation view. Courtesy Lodos, Mexico City.

Header image: Oa4s, TEMRA and DAVID in Three Parts (2015). Installation detail. Courtesy Seventeen, London.


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