Telephone Explosion


21 December 2012

Another month, another Canadian tape, this time from the Toronto-based label “Telephone Explosion” (Teenager, Anagram…) who for this end of year are proposing a 100-copy cassette-only series veering towards the experimental end of the musical spectrum.

TelephoneexplosionThe purpose of “Ataraxia” is to showcase artists who share TE’s artistic vision, but make music much more unorthodox and noise-based than what they have released to-date on vinyl. This inaugural volume is titled “Music from RIP Eifdn AOD Sulie” and is performed by Tonstartssbandht member Andy Boay. RIP Eifdn AOD Sulie is a collection of music extracted from a trio of soundtracked videos created live, simultaneously, via an interactive set-up; all of which can be watched on Andy’s youtube channel… something we highly recommend for an extremely rich and immersive experience in a wintery day like today.

You can listen to the trio of videos on a loop (it’s a playlist after all) or simply get it via TE’s website who released it last week.

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