19 November 2012

Presented at the just-opened Danish Media Architecture Biennale (which runs until mid-december for those of you up north) Spine is one of the 60 examples of media architecture being exhibited these days.

Twenty glowing cubes and atmospheric sounds that react to nearby visitors and acting as a single corpse, a single fifty meter long spine floating in space continually displaying new movements, light scenes and sounds. “Spine is moody, sometimes shy and avoidant at other times more curious and almost aggressive”. Each cube is moved in fluid motions by two computer-controlled motors…

spine view (all images via Kollision)
spine view (all images via Kollision)

One of the many impressive projects which was possible thanks to the collaboration between Kollision, CAVI, Mads Wahlberg, Henrik Munch (Sorten Muld) and TEKNE Produktion.

And because most of you won’t be able to travel all the way to Aarhus, the exhibitors have created the “Media Architecture Compendium” iPad app which proposes an overview of the exhibition for free.

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