Tamsin Snow

Buried, Issue 5 launch @ Xero, Kline & Coma, Aug 13

12 August 2015

Heavy metal fanzine Buried launches its fifth issue at London’s Xero, Kline & Coma on Thursday, August 13.

The meticulously produced issues are hand-bound and composed of entirely original commissions, illustrations, and interviews, and the Fifth Volume surveys the best of the brutal metal scene in South East Asia.

Featured in the issue are interviews with Down from the Wound, Digging Up, Splattered Orgasm, and Total Rusak, fiction by Tai Shani, artworks by sculptor Tamsin Snow and photographer Hal Sear, and illustrations by Mark Riddick and Stefan Sadler. 

See the event page for details. **

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‘Notes on an Autobiography’ @ ASC Gallery Jan 15-Mar 8

16 January 2014

London’s ASC Gallery presents group exhibition Notes on an Autobiography, running January 15 to March 8.

Instigated by Rob Lye in 2012 -over one hour, on one night, at Limoncello -the ongoing project reaches its second phase at ASC with correlative audio works available online, a publication and two events drawing on aspects of the “static art exhibition”. Featuring Lye’s work, as well as that of Rebecca Lennon, Ben Newton, Siôn Parkinson, Tamsin Snow & Sarah Tynan, the event functions within a “a series of autonomous trajectories” in an effort to “to negate, reconsider, reassemble its own narrative and use the continuance of the project as a reactive curatorial anchor”.

You can listen to each artists’ recording online here. There Siôn Parkinson reimagines 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition classic ‘Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis’ with ‘I’ll be hard on you, Louis’ and Rebecca Lennon offers an equal parts funny and distressing expression of contemporary ‘call center angst’ in ‘You, My Amputated You (connections, after angus)’.

See the Notes on an Autobiography website for details. **

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