Taipei Contemporary Art Center

Whitney Vangrin @ Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Aug 3

2 August 2016

Whitney Vangrin will give a talk at the Taipei Contemporary Art Center on August 3.

The New York-based artist, who works primarily in performance and sculpture, will use the talk to introduce her work and her community. The artist co-founded — the now defunct — artist-run space 1:1, which acted as a “Temporary Autonomous Zone, marked by frequent exhibitions and events”. Following its dissolution, Vangrin continued her activity in the downtown New York art scene and began numerous collaborations with various kinds of creatives. She will introduce the audience to this community and speak about how these relationships inform her work and life.

Her talk will also discuss her understanding of performance, film, and sculpture as they work unison. The physical and psychological effects of performing, and “how she questions perceptions of authenticity, creating works that hinge upon realism and construction”.

Other topics include the relationship between the performer and audience. Through performance, Vangrin intends to “awaken the performer and the observer to their lived body, and subjugate people’s indifference and cynicism”. 

The talk will be moderated by London-based curator Kit Hammonds.

See the Taipei Contemporary Art Center’s website for more details.**

Whitney Vangrin @ Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Aug 3

Whitney Vangrin, ‘Tongue in Ice’ (2013). Image courtesy the artist.

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