Tai Shani

A Weekend of Weird @ Martin Hall, Nov 26 – 27

23 November 2016

The A Weekend of Weird event is on at Loughborough’s Martin Hall, running November 26 to 27.

Organised by Radar in collaboration with Nick Freeman and Dan Watt, the programme will be host to a range of “writers, performers, filmmakers, artists, publishers, academics, enthusiasts and celebrants to ask: what is the Weird? Where did it come from? Where is it going?”.

There will be a number of panel discussions, including ‘Welcome to the Weird’, ‘European Weird’, a look at the ‘Weird World of Sarban’ and ‘Where are we? Being Weird Now’ among others. The three performances will feature Ben Judd‘s ‘Who Can Separate Us Now?’artist collective Reactor‘s ‘The Gold Ones’and Tai Shani‘s ‘Phantasmagoregasm’.

Joey Holder will present her ‘Weird World’ installation in the institutional foyer of the building for the duration of the event, showing “‘cyclopean’ imagery of strange aquatic creatures and beasties.”

Reactor have curated ‘Day Is Done’: a selection of films looking at the “interpretation and regurgitation” of culture, including a selection of YouTube videos by An0nymoooseCarmen Argote‘s ‘Everything is in its place, but Everything is everywhere’ (2016) Mike Kelley‘s carnivalesque ‘Day is Done’ (2005-6) and three video works from Simon Raven, among others.

See the FB event page for details.**


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Dark Water @ CGP London, Sep 1

31 August 2016

The Dark Water night of performance and screenings is on at London’s CGP on September 1.

Programmed by Tai Shani and  A- – -Z, an excerpt from Shani’s The Vampyre (2016) is used in the press release as a taster for the evening:

“At the point of ‘Heat Death of the Universe’ or maximum Entropy / A realised cyborgian myth / A Subliminal intervention between Here and Nowhere”

The night of performances and screenings will look at Sci-Fi, gender, technology, contemporary gothic, inner space and morphic bodies and features work by Dara BirnbaumBrice Dellsperger,
Plastique FantastiqueThe Man Who FailedShana MoultonTakeshi MurataFani Parali and Shani.

A—Z is a curatorial platform produced by Anne Duffau that focuses on the idea of Entropy as the driving force behind each project. Shani is a multi-media artist whose practice spans across performance, video, photography, sound and curatorial.

See the CGP London website for details.**

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Anathema screening @ Danielle Arnaud, Apr 10

10 April 2016

London’s Danielle Arnaud invites curatorial platform A- – -Z to curate a video screening event, Anathema, to act as a finissage for the gallery’s recent exhibition Ichor, on April 10.

Featuring the work of four artists, Laure Prouvost, Zina Saro-Wiwa, Tai Shani and Jordan Wolfson Anathema looks to explore the contemporary gothic, the morphic human and the virtual voice that rests on the “edge of the epicine” amongst other edges, “altering, adjusting, shifting, transforming, distorting and diluting…”

Anathema, which as a word was historically used to describe a curse banning and ex-communicating persons or doctrines from the Church, celebrates that which is consigned to damnation.

See the Danielle Arnaud website for details.**

Laure Prouvost, ‘Wantee’ (2013). Courtesy MOT International.
Laure Prouvost, ‘Wantee’ (2013). Courtesy MOT International.


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Buried, Issue 5 launch @ Xero, Kline & Coma, Aug 13

12 August 2015

Heavy metal fanzine Buried launches its fifth issue at London’s Xero, Kline & Coma on Thursday, August 13.

The meticulously produced issues are hand-bound and composed of entirely original commissions, illustrations, and interviews, and the Fifth Volume surveys the best of the brutal metal scene in South East Asia.

Featured in the issue are interviews with Down from the Wound, Digging Up, Splattered Orgasm, and Total Rusak, fiction by Tai Shani, artworks by sculptor Tamsin Snow and photographer Hal Sear, and illustrations by Mark Riddick and Stefan Sadler. 

See the event page for details. **

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