Susan Schuppli

Karen Cunningham + Annwn Collective @ Legion TV, Oct 10-Jan 31

10 October 2016

Annwn Collective present new short film The Return from Annwn opening on October 10 and running to January 31 and Karen Cunningham presents first screening of Moveable Type; Under Erasure on October 15 for the launch of London’s Legion TV‘s new programme of commissions.

The new programme is a change in direction for the non-profit organisation, and will focus on projects that are aimed specifically at artists who work with local communities across the UK.

“Women in Pictish garb! Pineal eye lasers! Tri-partite geometry! Psychedelic sitars! Heavy Magick!”

Annwn Collective will present online as part of Legion TV’s digital programme. The mytho-ecological short film is described as “a trans-dimensional quest to restore cosmic equilibrium through female alignment.”

Cunningham’s new film, shot on location at Writing-on-Sone, Canada, will be on at The Showroom and will be accompanied by an essay written by Gary Zhexi Zhang. Additionally, the artist has also invited Adam Chodko and Susan Schuppli to screen new work. 

Visit the Legion TV webpage for more details.**

Annwn Collective,'The Return from Annwn' (2016). Promotional image. Courtesy the artists + Legion TV, London.
Annwn Collective,’The Return from Annwn’ (2016). Promotional image. Courtesy the artists + Legion TV, London.


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Material Cryptographies @ Tenderpixel, Mar 18 – 19

17 March 2015

The students of Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art programme have organized a two-day seminar titled Material Cryptographies and set to take place at London’s Tenderpixel on March 18 and 19.

The seminar focuses on the implications of encryption practices for contemporary art, examining how to ability to write and solve codes and expose hidden materials, and use them in fascinating ways. They ask: “how do artists use encryption as a methodology for approaching materials and how does this relationship trouble preconceptions of artistic authorship?”

The two-day event brings a handful of screenings on Thursday, including ‘Mediation as Such (Promo Mix)’ by Sæmundur Þór Helgason and Patrick Hough‘s ‘Object Interviews (Part I)’, as well as a lecture by Susan Schuppli titled ‘Informed Matter: The Structural Violence of Code’ on Wednesday, and one by Lars ‘TCF’ Holdhus on Thursday. The event caps of with an audio performance by TCF.

See the ‘Material Cryptographies’ exhibition page for details. **

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Distances @ Jupiter Woods, Mar 13 – 28

11 March 2015

Jupiter Woods is bringing a new group exhibition to its London space, titled Distances and running from March 13 to March 28.

The show features the works of five different artists. There is Andrew Normal Wilson, with whom we did an interview a while back, as well as Harry Sanderson, and Susan Schuppli and Tom Tlalim, with artist Cory Scozzari curating.

The exhibition will run concurrently with Max Stocklosa’s permanent installation, ‘More World Material: Coyote’, seeking to reveal the “layers of disproportionality and invisibility that are made more complex through the use of technology”. In specific, the show concentrates on the use of drones and overhead surveillance: the hidden labour of fragmented technological production, as well as their ethical repercussions.

See the FB event page for details. **

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