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Alone & Stoned

22 August 2012

There is, in fact, nothing bad about being alone & stoned, it’s part of most adolescents’ introspective education and always a great method of relaxation, concentration and artistic inspiration, for King Tuff it’s also a vid for his track taken out of his second self-titled album.

One of the catchiest naive anthems of his first album on SubPop which last May collected a good list of positive reviews… when not being compared with his previous “Was Dead”, better produced… less consistent? For what it matters, all misfits have a place in this album.. he’s a savior after all and you’ll feel as safe when listening to KT as when being alone smoking….

King TUff Album cover
Album cover 


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THEESatisfaction’s ‘awE naturalE’ reviewed.

19 March 2012

Interesting to note that the peculiar fusion of righteous soul and contorted hip hop beats that is Seattle-based duo THEESatisfaction cite two people by the surname of Butler as major influences. There’s the music of one Ishmael Butler (aka Palaceer Lazaro) of friends, collaborators and Sub Pop label mates Shabazz Palaces and then the ideas of science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler. The latter namesake was responsible for some award-winning novels concerning racial and sexual ambiguity, as well as social class and language before her sudden death in 2006.

THEEsatisfaction - Awe Naturale album cover
THEEsatisfaction – Awe Naturale album cover

DIY in the real sense, the duo’s bandcamp page features music self-produced and uploaded since starting work together in 2007. Rife with references to black history and signifiers of that emerging literary movement known as Afrofuturism, with which both Butler’s are associated, releases like Astronomical Warfare, Why We Celebrate Colonialism and Sista Ya Been on My Mind (as Neon Warwick) express concerns with the African diaspora and an aesthetic throwback to the African-American activism of the 60s US.

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