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‘Sex: Work and Play’ @ Close-up Cinema, Jul 12

11 July 2016

Carroll/ Fletcher is hosting a screening event called ‘Sex: Work & Play’ at London’s Close-up Cinema on July 12.

Featuring films by Melanie Bonajo, Ann Hirsch and Lora Hristova, the evening will focus thematically on ways of representing intimacy and feminist takes on sex work.

Hirsch —whose work for this screening, ‘Horny Lil Feminist’, is made up of short clips set to the rhythm of the Star Trek sound track —is also featuring in the upcoming aqnb x Video in Common event at Club Pro LA, where her contribution to the discourse surrounding modes of online feminine representation will sit among the topics of engagement and withdrawal.

To follow the films at Carroll/Fletcher, there will also be a conversation between Hristova, philosopher Petra van Brabandt —who also contributed to last year’s  TLTRPreß-published Sleep Cures Sleepiness and Stacey Clare, a member of the East London Strippers’ Collective.

See the Carroll/Fletcher website for details.**

Ann Hirsch, 'Damsel in Chains' (2015) Install view. Courtesy Smart Objects.
Ann Hirsch, ‘Damsel in Chains’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy Smart Objects.


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