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Oa4s Catalogue Release @ Lodos Gallery, Aug 14

13 August 2014

Poetry group Oa4s celebrates the closing reception of their exhibition Special Features and the release of a new catalogue by the same name at Mexico City’s Lodos Gallery on August 14.

The 44-page bound book, which comes in a limited-edition print of 50, is comprised of lo-res images of various disparate things – the raised forehead of Tom Hanks, the footprints of assassin and instigator of WWI Gavrilo Princip, a turtle flipped onto its back. These break up pages of poetic text, exploring the phenomenon of meaning-making through narrative fiction and the vague approximations of mythic archetypes.

An excerpt from the catalogue gives a hint to the fantastical-meet-theoretical vibe of Special Features:

…If we come upon four baby footprints made by a baby girl we must
consider that those four footprints could be four handprints in the form of four feet made by four adults of various genders. The trajectory from sender desires to be inscribed by the receiver, and in this desiring the nearest possible sender (read: most apparent or ‘first-thought’) will most often be considered the legitimate, baby girl. And in this way the path traced has about it not just the folly to cause its origin to be overlooked, but also to verify an auxiliary. What is implied here is that the trace has the extraordinary gift of making true the untrue, to make reality of a fantasy, as a Giraffe darts most unexpectedly into the text and smears its yellowish complexion onto a cloth draped near the door. It is in this way that the talent of the trace is not in its capacity to recall an origin, but in its habit of inviting a slippage, or drawing out the imaginary…

See the Lodos Gallery publishing page for details. **





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Oa4s’ Special Features @ Lodos, May 22 – Jul 20

21 May 2014

Poetry group Oa4s (On All Fours) will be presenting their latest project, titled Special Features, at Mexico City’s Lodos Gallery from May 22 to July 20. 

The Mexico City-based poetry collective opens the exhibition with a surreal press release that mentions sailing turtles and dolled up giraffes, but little else. Their Tumblr reveals similar intentions, with uncanny quotes and quirky rebuses alongside bizarre videos of men chained in their underwear.

See more details on the Lodos Gallery website. **

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