Spalt Spelt Spelter

Josh Minkus @ Species, Aug 20 – 27

19 August 2016

Josh Minkus is presenting solo exhibition Spalt Spelt Spelter at Atlanta’s Species, opening August 20 and running to August 27.

The New York-based artist composes inventories of small sculptures and focuses on the metaphorical and physical properties of the materials used. The press release describes the correlation between sculptural objects and poetic text as a structural circuit board of tactile and symbolic stuff “scaled to something relatable like the twiddling of fingers, if not to the trundling of a human body, takes us from here to there, like moving across a page, or leafing through.”

Recent exhibitions include Peachtree Industrial at New York’s Bodega, as well as galleries Pied-à-terre in Ottsville PA, Right Window in San Francisco and Centre for Style in Melbourne.

Visit Species website for more details.**

Josh Minkus, Spalt Spelt Spelter, Installation view (2016). Courtesy of artist + Species gallery.
Josh Minkus. Installation view. Courtesy of artist + Species gallery.
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