Sophie Houlden

FISSION MAILED @ The White Building, Jun 29

26 June 2014

Fission Mailed, an interactive full-day exhibition exploring the evolution of video games, will take place in London’s The White Building on June 29.

The exhibition—whose full title reads as Fission Mailed: The Art of Gaming and was adopted from the video game “Metal Gear Solid 2”, in which you have to appear to fail in order to advance the plot—asks the question: Can the other-wordly, utopic/dystopic experiences of videogames provide authentic experiences of art? 

Throughout the day, the pop-up exhibition will feature an interplay of graphics, technology and storytelling, as well as a host of multi-player games open to the public to try out, and will feature the work of progressive game developers such as Anna Anthropy, Sophie Houlden and Merritt Kopas.

See The White Building’s exhibition site for details. **


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Swift Stitch

13 December 2011

Game developer & designer Sophie Houlden (behind the Fez-alike angle-changing “Boxgame“) just finished & released another great time-killer for these winter evenings: Swift Stitch.

SS is as simple as guiding an arrow that moves fast and try to make it reach its destination without crashing into anything. Very straightforward right? Just 2 buttons (hold the button to move vertically, and release it to slide horizontally), 3 game modes & 42 levels (the demo includes 21).

Then… you have the colored lines that change the travel direction, the slowdown option and many obstacles that will appear throughout the game. A great piece of arcade that you may try (or buy) this way.

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