‘Soft Ache’

Jala Wahid @ tank.tv, Feb 26 – Apr 3

26 February 2014

SALT. editor Jala Wahid is presenting online exhibition Soft Ache at tank.tv, opening February 26 and running to April 3.

As part of Arcadia Missa‘s purlove curatorial residency at the site, Wahid’s exhibition asks “Can we convalesce, abolish, or make anew, anything –from the residue of our relations, within total landscapes of collapse?”

Those “total landscapes of collapse” are probably the ‘networks’ referred to in the exhibition blurb, while Wahid films such as ‘Object Whore’ and the recent ‘Wearing Natalie Portman’ -as featured in A_M’s ‘How to Sleep Faster ep. 3‘ -draw some complex and unsettling connections between youth, beauty and commodity, by blurring distinctions between body and object in their focus on form and texture.

That becomes all the more complicated when it’s somehow represented and re-mediated online, drawing some interesting connections to Wahid’s concerns with “affect and its manifestation”. And that’s without mentioning the fact that the video “I’ve got a burning desire (come on, tell me boy)” is named after a Lana Del Rey lyric from ‘Burning Desire’ that adds, “I have to touch myself, don’t pretend you’re there”.

See the tank.tv Facebook event page for details. **

Header image ‘”I’ve got a burning desire (come on, tell me boy)”‘. Video Still. Courtesy Jala Wahid, 2014.

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