Simon Fisher Turner

Factory Floor x Simon Fisher Turner Collaboration @ ICA.

Factory Floor x Simon Fisher Tuner.
21 February 2013
Simon Fisher Turner will be performing reworkings of sounds from the forthcoming album of UK post-industrial, Factory Floor, as part of their artist residency at ICA London on March 14. The performance anticipates their second album since 2010’s Untitled on BLAST First (petite), while being the third, after Peter Gordon and Hannah Sawtell, this year.

Turner composer is best known for his scores on late-director Derek Jarman’s films, including Caravaggio and Blue, and contributed music to cross-disciplinary artists Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tomoyasu Hirano’s Kizuna project, in aid of disaster-stricken Japan. He is currently working on the restoration of a 1924 film about George Mallory and Andrew Irvine’s doomed expedition, The Epic of Everest, while Factory Floor member Nik Colk ‘Void’ recently collaborated with her industrial forebears Carter Tutti (aka Chris & Cosey) for their Transverse release, out on Mute last year. See here for more info.**

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