Meaning + magic in Underground / Ecology with Timothy Morton + Federico Campagna at The Showroom, Mar 18

16 March 2017

Timothy Morton + Federico Campagna are presenting Underground / Ecology at London’s Showroom on March 18. 

Organised by Teodora Pasquinelli and supported by Libellula Productions, Morton will present ‘Lifeforms vs Trump’ and Campagna will present ‘Ecology and Metaphysics: Rebuilding the House.’ The presentations are part of an event series called Underground / Ecology / Politics / Mythology that explores “the meaning of ecology, understood as the ontological terrain underlying all human and non-human forces.” This session will focus specifically on Dark Ecology and Magic and the “fundamental reality-systems that constitute the true underground of the world.”

The event will also screen Michelangelo Frammartino’s Le Quattro Volte (2010) at 4 pm.

See the FB event page for details.**

‘Underground / Ecology with Timothy Morton and Federico Campagna’ (2017). Promotional image. Courtesy the Showroom, London.
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‘An Afternoon for Ian’ @ The Showroom, Dec 3

1 December 2016

‘An Afternoon for Ian’ is on at London’s The Showroom on December 3.

The afternoon of presentations is part of Here is Information. Mobilise: a weekend-long set of events dedicated to celebrating the life and work of Ian White (1971-2013), taking place at The Showroom and ICA in collaboration with LUX

The event will celebrate White’s life and influence, and will feature contributions by those who have worked with him including Ed Atkins, Cinenova, Kim Coleman, Phil Collins, Matthew Noel-Tod, Rachel Reupke and Cara Tolmie among others.

See the Showroom website for details.**


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