And it Came to Pass – Not to Stay

3 July 2012

There are never enough acid trips in a lifetime, never enough zen oniric multidimensional experiences during our Ibiza summer weekends. Although last weekend there was no need of a Balearic island nor a torrid Spanish sun to enjoy Rob Heppell’s last clip. It was the uber-trendy Brick Lane Coffee House which hosted a screening as part of the pre= East End Film festival  program (the festival which btw opens tonight!).

Rob’s clip will also be streaming later on this month in Gaza City as part of Windows for Gaza‘s Video Art Festival.

Still from And it Came to Pass - Not to Stay
Still from And it Came to Pass – Not to Stay

A meditation on the impermanence of situations“, built in 3D from footage gleaned by projecting colours onto snow and based on Buckminster Fuller’s assertion on impermanence and which Rob describes as something halfway between a play with colour fields and a psychedelic science-fiction war. Hope he uploads it to the web soon.

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Très Courts winners

26 May 2012

The not that-well-known Très Courts short-film festival took place earlier this month and like every year their nice selection of  shorty shorts was announced (which includes some oldies as there are no production-date limits when it comes to submitting your film)… like Ramón Frías’s Intruder which keeps collecting prizes everywhere.

In 2010 it won our other favorite short filmfest Notodo best script award, a couple of weeks ago we got to know it just got Hong Kong’s Fiction Silver award at the HKIFMA and now Très Courts’s originality prize. We’re not surprised…. good sci-fi is always a hit!

But it’s also worth mentioning many of the other great films which include Kate Tsang’s “Sherman” (which btw hasn’t stopped collecting some big prizes since last year too), a harsh portrait of an imaginary friend who deals with his past under 3min.

Or Jacek Mazur’s unexpected and beautiful explanation of one of the most mysterious natural phenomenons…

Congrats to the winners, the full list this way.

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Oh Willy…

22 January 2012

Looks like we have a big first candidate for “best animated short” of any 2012 festival.  Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels (from Czar) just uploaded a nicely soft trailer a few days ago on their newest short that is premiering  at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival in France this month.

Emma, Marc and Steven De Beul discussing animation and rigging
Emma, Marc and Steven De Beul discussing animation and rigging (photos from Beast animation blog)

The Franco-Brit-Dutch-Belgian production (a good list of studios were involved… Beast Animation / Vivement Lundi! / Polaris Film Productions / il Luster Films) still has many many festivals to visit this year, and maybe… just maybe, they’ll release it on-line next month so we can all admire that softie woolen stop-motion technique?

Something (with her love for naked men and super-sheep) Emma had already developed for her 2009 movie “Zache Planten” done while @ Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel for which she received an award @ the Anima fest. Oh Willy… don’t make us wait too long.

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Flatmates 3.0

18 May 2011

This year’s Notodofilmfest winner is not only of the shortest’s shorts to have won the Grand Jury prize in the history of the festival but probably also one of the best to summarize new generation’s sad lifestyle.

Unveiled last month this year’s Notodofilmfest (one of the best Spanish short-film festivals) winners include AstronoHistory, Portuguese Spidermen,  grandpas who love funny kittens… you can see the rest of the winners this way.

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