Shinji 9000

Shinji 9000 @ Kunstraum, Oct 10

9 October 2015

Artist and writer Shinji 9000 combines readings from his new novel with rapping for a “novel vs. rap mixture” night called A Whole Lot of Dirty, running at Kunstraum on October 10. 

The evening brings readings from Shinji 9000’s, Pleasure Center, described as a “post-Beckettian work of fiction that follows the surreal ponderings of Samo the samurai come (sic) painter”.

The writer draws as much from the absurdist styles of Beckett and Camus as he does from Kanye and the Wu Tang Clan, creating an unusual and memorable mix of influences—interesting enough to bring Mos Def to his latest performance.

See the FB event page for details. **

A WHOLE LOT OF DIRTY | Shinji 9000, A novel vs a rap mixtape from Kunstraum on Vimeo.


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