Anthony Antonellis @ ScreenSaverGallery

27 May 2013

Net artist Anthony Antonellis is the second to have a screensaver featured at ScreenSaverGallery. The art space aims to recontextualise work in an online setting and vice versa, in this case within the hitherto dead medium of the screensaver. In the same way that Olia Lialiana and Dragan Espenchied aim to keep GeoCities alive by keeping it in circulation, through new online mediums such as tumblr and IRL with their One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age exhibition, ScreenSaverGallery founders, Czech artists Barbora Trnková and Tomáš Javůrek, along with curator Mary Meixner, aim at reviving the screensaver by placing it in a contemporary art context.

The “post-internet” artist, Antonellis, is an ideal candidate -following a submission in March by Berlin-based artist, curator and art historian Robert Sakrowski -with Blue Brightness. Antonellis’ is the exploration of the link between the physical and the cyber worlds, in opposition to ideas of digital dualism, and surrenders the active participation of his user to the passive engagement of an audience, given the nature of the screensaver. The work is set to be distributed through the App Store, softpedia and elsewhere, while aiming to translate the exhibition in a physical exhibition context, as well as being disseminating online. You can download Anthony Antonellis’ screensaver here. **

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