Schöner Wohnen

Schöner Wohnen @ AirBNB Pavilion, Mar 3 – 29

2 March 2015

Milan’s Armada art space is bringing in a site-specific project developed by AIRBNB Pavilion titled Schöner Wohnen and running from March 3 to 29.

With AIRBNB Pavilion acting as interior designers, the furniture and decoration borrowed from members of Armada gets recomposed into a single installation exploring the blurred lines in how these objects exist – as familiar home furnishings and as the fetishized commodities of Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds.

The press release for the exhibition writes: “As the contemporary furniture store takes off the image of the home and domestic environments increasingly assume the vestiges of Pinterested boards in space, the status of our objects as the (biographical) signifiers of our dwelling selves is ever more at threat.”

See the Armada exhibition page for details. **

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