Everyday satans

6 September 2011

You know they’re there, those evil bastards always messing around with your balance.

Satan on the rocks

Jeffrey Isaac’s latest oil on canvas series straight out of his sunny Umbria studio show us a very Ugly Americanish photorealistic world. Lucifer’s creatures out in the wild … contemporary demons as he describes them.

Belphegor with dog

Not any demon gets inside Jeffrey’s paintings, only the select 7 princes of hell make it to play with ordinary humans (lucky them!). From Lucifer & Mammon to Satan himself! A great pop introduction to demonology…

Beelzebub and bathers

From New York to Italy Jeffrey studied at Rhode Island School of Design and Camberwell School of Art, and you’ve probably seen his rather obscure picturesque passions, anatomy lessons and his always controversial political disasters.

Satan on guard

All blasphemies, he should definitely pay a visit to Ratzinger Z, he might start painting archangels instead.

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