Sanssouci Reality

Harry Burke + Eloise Bonnevoit performance @, Nov 27

26 November 2014

Artists Harry Burke and Eloise Bonnevïot are putting on a performance to accompany Sanssouci Reality‘s Issue #1: The Latte Vision, taking place in the basement on November 27.

Burke, who previously edited the I Love Roses poetry anthology, will be doing a reading from his latest book of poems, City of God, created as a response to architecture and accompanied by the architectural renderings of architect Alessandro Bava and audio/visuals from artist and 18+ member Samia Mirza. Burke’s publishing house, Version House, writes this about the book: “Each drawing is like a poem, and each poem is like a space in which you can live. Each reading is like a confession. Together they build a city of belief, a City of God.”

Bonnevïot will offer the second performance of the night with a distributed arrangement of her ongoing project, The Meditative Relaxation Cycle, which invites various artists to perform a series of six digital automatic drawings on iPads or tablets as a kind of “contemporary re-appropriation of Surrealist Automatism”.

See the FB event page for details. **

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