Sam Cottington

Section 28 Film Club @ Penarth Centre, Jul 27

26 July 2016

Sam Cottington presents Section 28 Film Club at Penarth Centre on July 27.

Happening as part of @Gaybar‘s Fuck What They Think programme, the club will screen four films that focus critically on queer identity in relation to health care systems. Specifically, how queer identity “arises and is legitimised by state legal systems and institutions of health”, questioning notions of what constitutes a body and care.

The film programme includes Marlon Riggs‘ ‘Affirmations’, Ron Athey‘s ‘4 Scenes in a Harsh Life’, Neil Bartlett‘s ‘That’s what friends are for’, and an interview with Aldo Hernandez talking about ACT UP Oral History Project.

In the press release, Cottington writes, that the artists selected “refuse the barriers to intimacy” and indulge in “the erotics of care in spite of queerphobic state negligence and hetero-moralist policing”.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Section 28 Film Club @ Penarth Centre, Jul 27

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Hannah Quinlan + Rosie Hastings @ DRAF, May 13 – 28

11 May 2016

Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings are presenting installation How to Survive a Flood@GAYBAR at London’s David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF), opening May 13 and running to May 28.

As part of the Curators’ Series’ Ways of Living programme running to June 23, the London-based artist-duo will transform the DRAF Studio into a working bar featuring new video, audio, and light boxes that explore the history of New York gay resort Fire Island in relation to its present state of rapid gentrification and natural disaster.

The project aims to cite and critique the complicated identity of said LGBTQ community and its relationship with private property and privilege by reimagining it as a “queer, sci-fi and anarchic space” with works weaving CGI landscapes, found footage of post-Hurricane Sandy destruction and an audio piece produced by Jan Piasecki weaving together pop music and the sounds of ecological destruction.

How To Survive a Flood is a continuation of Quinlan and Hastings’ ongoing @gaybar project, where “queer politics and history are remade in the context of a gay bar”. The  programme will open with a cocktail party and bar-performance, as well as DJ sets by Nkisi (aka Melika Ngombe Kolongo) and Summer Faggot Deathwish (aka Sam Cottington).

There will also be another accompanying event featuring Paul Maheke on May 21.

See the DRAF website for details.**

@gaybar, I DONT KNOW WHY I LIKE IT, I JUST DO, DICK DICK DICK @GAYBAR (2014) @ Rye Lane Studios, London.
@gaybar, I DONT KNOW WHY I LIKE IT, I JUST DO, DICK DICK DICK @GAYBAR (2014) @ Rye Lane Studios, London.
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Sam Cottington @ Life Gallery, Dec 11

10 December 2015

Sam Cottington‘s evening event do you even know what a screaming faggot looks like is on at London’s Life gallery on December 11.

The itinerant residential art space has featured exhibitions by the likes of Emily Jones, Morag Keil and Gili Tal across rentals in the past, as well as Holly Childs and Max TT Edmond’s Ellen Degeneres Beezin Topshop {preliminary materials} online last year.

There’s not any info on what Cottington himself will be sharing on the day but past and present projects include DJ-ing as Summer Faggot Deathwish for @Gaybar‘s Wet Protest in August and a sound piece collaboration for do you even know… with jkwd.

See the Life Gallery website for (limited) details.**

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Wet Protest @ Gaybar, Aug 28

28 August 2015

@Gaybar continues its activist party streak with a new event called Wet Protest at Penarth Centre in London tonight, August 28.

Created by artists Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings, the party series has always combined LGBTQ activism with sweaty good times, and tonight’s no different. “The GAY LIBERATION FRONT became the GAY ACTIVIST ALLIANCE,” writes the event press release, which “became the Stonewall Movie but the G always stood for G-A-Y always stood for WHITE CIS GAY MAN and for transphobic lesbians who clock misogyny but not transmisogyny and racist radical queers”. 

Kicking off with a reading performance by Collyn Filani, the night will also feature tunes by DJ Kerrigan aka Natasha Lall, Summer Faggot Deathwish aka Sam Cottington, and Tschan aka Tschan Andrews.

See the FB event page for details. **

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