Sadness of Microtonality 2.2

Sadness of Microtonality 2.2 @ M.I., Feb 11

10 February 2016

M.I in Berlin’s neighbourhood of Mitte will host a one-night-only live work by Nicholas Humbert on February 11.

The night is called Sadness of Microtonality 2.2.

Very little information is given with the facebook invite apart from the names: Ir Anuk and Ir Halak, who are twin sister ‘deathsingers’ from online game Destiny, and a couple of curious screenshots including an image of Jesus as half-woman.

The one-night-only work follows Sadness of Microtonality 1.1 which happened in December at M.I and held a similar mysterious ambiguity around its invite, including gifs, sensitive screen grabs and tiny quotes like “Triple kill” that could be imagined heard in the ear of a gamer.

There will be a part three soon to the Sadness series, which the curator Joel Mu locates as being a mix between music on the dance floor, home-time game play and emotional ambience.

See the FB event invite for (limited) details**

'Sadness of Microtonality 1.1', event invite (2015). Courtesy Nicholas Humbert and M.I.
‘Sadness of Microtonality 1.1’, event invite (2015). Courtesy the artist and M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin.


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