Rye Lane Studios

ECOCIDE @ Rye Lane Studios, Mar 10

10 March 2015

Artists Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan Anderson are joining forces again with ECOCIDE, a sound and video art showcase of queer artists taking place at Rye Lane Studios on March 10.

The two are putting together the programme alongside their recently launched Arcadia Missa show, based on their 2014 @Gaybar project and titled TIFKAS (running at the gallery from March 5 to April 4).

Inspired by Sarah Schulman‘s description of ‘ecocide’ in Gentrification of The Mind as “a certain urban ecology of queer sub-cultural existence that has been wiped out, both through AIDS and gentrification”, their March 10 event brings some of the same names as TIFKAS, as well as Schulman herself, together with Jim Hubbard, Sam Kenswil, and Claire Kurylowski as well as ten or so other artists.

See the FB event page for details. **


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Events + Exhibitions, Feb 23 – Mar 1

24 February 2015

The Ryan Trecartin and Lauren Cornell-curated 2015 Triennial, called Sound Audience starts at the New Museum in New York this week, with the majority of events and exhibitions elsewhere opening within a few days of each other.

Two double exhibitions are opening across London, including one from KERNEL, Sasha Litvintseva and Lewis Teague Wright at Union Pacific, as well as Olivia Erlanger solo at Seventeen Gallery alongside a group show curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini and including Emanuel Röhss, Debora Delmar Corp, AIRBNB Pavilion, plus more.

Also in the UK capital, artist-run space Rye Lane Studios is closing with an RSVP event, while LEAP in Berlin is doing that same. Elsewhere in Europe, Amalia Ulman will be delivering a lecture in Helsinki, Neïl Beloufa is opening an exhibition at Zero in Milan and Clémence de la Tour du Pin‘s Hotel Palenque commission is happening in Frankfurt.

Desktop Residency and Opening Times are hosting new works online, while Sonic Acts 2015 in Amsterdam features performances by M.E.S.H., Vessel and TCF. Slavs and Tatars, Monira Al Qadiri and GCC have exhibitions opening across two galleries in the UAE.

There’s more so see below:


Milo Brennan @ Desktop Residency, Feb 23 – Mar 14

Speculative Writing @ Tenderbooks, Feb 24

2015 Triennial @ New Museum, Feb 25 – May 24

Joey Holder + Steven Ounanian @ Enclave, Feb 25

Luke Nunn @ split/fountain, Feb 25

Amalia Ulman lecture @ Exhibition Laboratory, Feb 25

Beau Rice @ Printed Matter, Feb 26

Sonic Acts Festival opening @ Stedelijk, Feb 26

Extreme Animals, Haribo &c @ Secret Project Robot Art Experiment, Feb 26

Sonic Acts Festival @ OT301, Feb 26

POLYVALENZ @ Kunstquartier Bethanien, Feb 27


Jason Bailer Losh @ Anat Ebgi, Feb 27 – Apr 4

Bare Life & Bio-politics in Kennington Park @ DKUK Salon, Feb 27


Future Brown @ Creamcake, Feb 28

Who is a ‘People?’ @ Goldsmiths, Feb 28

Rye Lane Studios closing party, Feb 28

LEAP closing party, Feb 28

Accented @ Maraya Art Centre, Mar 1 – May 16


Kate Morrell + LTV @ Kendal Museum, Feb – Jun

Katharina Fengler @ Relaax.in, Feb 23

Hassan Hajjaj @ Newark Museum, Feb 25 – Aug 9

Anne de Boer @ Lunch Bytes, Feb 25

Neïl Beloufa @ Zero, Feb 26

Life Gallery @ Space, Feb 26 – Mar 15

Sean Raspet @ Société, Feb 26

Tiril Hasselknippe @ DREI, Feb 26 – Mar 28

Kimmo Modig @ Sorbus-galleria, Feb 26 – Mar 8

Labour in a Single Shot @ HKW, Feb 26 – Apr 6

Massimo Grimaldi @ 63rd – 77th STEPS, Feb 27 – Mar 25

Olivia Erlanger + Morphing Overnight @ Seventeen Gallery, Feb 27 – Apr 18

@ SIC Gallery, Feb 27 – Mar 15

Josh Bailer Losh @ Anat Ebgi, Feb 27 – Apr 4

Taslima Ahmed @ Real Fine Arts, Feb 28 – Mar 29

Slavs and Tatars @ NYUAD, Feb 28 – Mar 31

KERNEL + What We Name, We Can Contain @ Union Pacific, Feb 28 – Mar 28

Sex Shop @ Transition Gallery, Feb 28 – Mar 29

Antoine Donzeaud @ Mon Chéri, Feb 28 – Apr 11

Clémence de la Tour du Pin @ Frankfurt Am Main, Mar 1 **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Katharina Fengler, ‘Cosmic Feces of Mercy’ (2015) @ Relaax.in.

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Dazzle Camouflage @ Rye Lane Studios, Dec 17 – Jan 4

15 December 2014

Taking the sixth issue of SALT. and its manifesto as a starting point, the Dazzle Camouflage group exhibition will run at London’s Rye Lane Studios from December 17 to January 4.

The manifesto disseminated in the feminist magazine’s sixth and latest issue has come across our radar, and we’re glad someone else is giving it the attention it deserves. The group show, which features works by Phoebe Collings-JamesAnn HirschRachel de Joode and Huw Lemmey, takes SALT.’s disobedience as a methodology. The goal is not to dismantle existing power relations, just as it was not the publication’s goal to dismantle language itself, but rather to “negotiate new ways of existing within them disruptively”.

The December 17 opening brings an 8pm performance by artist Beatrice Loft Schulz, starting off the three-week exhibition on the basis of “an investment in embracing the performative potential within these hierarchies, whilst at once making known the paradoxes in doing so” through everything from reality show dating, physically imposing oneself onto objects, or “creating contingent situations from a masculine vocabulary tied up in the miasma of power relations”.

See the exhibition FB page for details. **


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Let us know, really! finissage @ 3236RLS, Nov 7

5 November 2014

The Let us know, really! exhibition is celebrating its closing with a finissage party at 3236 Rye Lane Studios on November 7.

The closing party comes with a stacked night of screenings and performances, followed by a proper party, complete with DJs. Starting out with a 7:30pm talk with artist Philippe Daerendinger titled ‘French Wine Dilutions: Extracts About Neighbourhood’, the finissage then brings three different film screenings by Fleur Melbourn, Natalie Price Hafslund, and Sam Tierney.

After the short film screenings, the finissage transforms into a performance space with a performance by Tirzah and Micachu (Mika Levi), followed by a DJ line-up to keep the party going.

See the FB event page for details **

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Where is the body #4 @ Rye Lane Studios, Sep 21

19 September 2014

London’s Rye Lane Studios is bringing back Where is the body #4 with a reading of Jackie Wang‘s Against Innocence on September 21.

The critical reading series’s last run, Where is the body #3, also took place at the Rye Lane space with a reading of Monique Wittig’s The Straight Mind, closing off the three-day I Don’t Know Why I Like It, I Just Do, Dick Dick Dick exhibition that ran as part of GayBar@Rye Lane Studios.

On Sunday, Where is the body-creators Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings (Sonya Blade) take on Wang’s latest, Against Innocence, originally published in 2012 in Volume 1 of the materialist feminist journal, Lies. Where as some of Wang’s earlier writing, including zines like On Being Hard Femme and The Phallic Titty Manifesto, looked at queer sexuality and gender, Almost Innocence dives headfirst into race politics with her examination of the political response to the murder of Troy Davis and the role of legal system as an agent of racial violence.

See the FB event page for details. **





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I Don’t Know Why I Like It… @ Gay Bar, Aug 29 – 31

27 August 2014

London’s Rye Lane Studios will be hosting the I Don’t Know Why I Like It, I Just Do, Dick Dick Dick @GayBar exhibition from August 29 to 31.

With the institution of ‘gay’ deemed inextricable from the shifting logics of the gay bar itself, the exhibition and event series aims to re-fabricate the mythology of homosexuality. Starting with a private viewing and launch party on August 29, I Don’t Know Why I Like It… looks for a space of confused gender and sexuality, where “a sincere expression of embodiment unravels into a critique of these bodies”.

Created by Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings, who are also the short exhibition’s headliners, Friday’s launch party will feature cheap cocktails, an exclusive guest list, and back-to-back DJs, including a DJing debut from Sam Thottington as Summer Faggot Death Wish with some “high-energy sad bliss faggot vibes” and a “#guninmypurse” dress code.

Aside from Thottington, the promo for the exhibition is done in collaboration with Sam Kenswil and Aimee Heinemann, and the three-day series will also feature a discussion of Monique Wittig’s The Straight Mind at the Where is the Body #3 event on August 31.

See the FB event page for details. **

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