Running with rifles

Running with rifles

28 February 2012

Because not everything in the world of indie gaming are prefabricated 8-bit games Finnish game developer Pasi Kainiemi (behind the project as Modulaatio Games) has been proposing since last year this great shooter for Windows (are we allowed to catalog it as real-time strategy game too or is it going too far?) which brings us inevitably to think about that endless list of 90s shooters (C&C, Close Combat, or any Westwood saga).

Whether you’re a Westwood studio lover or simply new to this top-down shooter approach “Running with rifles” is a great time killer. RWR puts emphasis on cooperation, squad leading and “being a tiny soldier in a big war”. As any other sandbox game, everything takes place on an open battlefield. You’ll take the role of a private and fight along your comrades controlled by AI, slowly gaining influence over fellow soldiers through rank promotions from success in battles.

The game is still in very early stages, needless to say Pasi and the whole community of testers have a long way to go with a good number of improvements on the way (not only Linux & Mac support but tooons of new maps, weapons, playing modes…etc).

You have a demo or can grab the 0.59 beta version which just came out for 5,6€ knowing that you’ll gain access to the full version when released and that on-line gaming is already supported. Very very good looking and we honestly can’t wait to see the final outcome of RWR… oh and as a bonus here’s a little review by Josh Mathews (GFTL) on the latest beta.

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