Darkwood Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

11 March 2013

From a hungry and blood-thirsty Kevin Costner made in less than 48h for the last Global Game Jam to this gorgeous video on their upcoming top-down survival game, Darkwood.

Polish game developer trio “Acid Wizard Studio” just released this pre-alpha trailer for their new game showing the second part of gameplay, in which the player has to defend his home… and it has received some great comments from most gamers who are definitely expecting some intense gameplay from this open world concept.

Besides the spooky artwork we shall expect a highly rich environment featuring RPG and roguelike elements, with intense combat and a eerie atmosphere. And while it’s still on pre-alpha stage and there’s no word on platform or release dates we’re convinced this mix of twisted and rewarding experience will end up in many of our PCs. More info on their webpage.

Shadow - artowrk by Acid Wizard Studio
Shadow – artowrk by Acid Wizard Studio
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6 February 2013

A few days ago I heard in a TV doc that “success” in our “advanced” modern societies was now measured purely on what we produced. Humans have become production units, as simple as that. As sad as this affirmation may look like, there’s a couple of good things we could deduct in that sentece: a) our behaviours and minds live in a permanent “optimization” state, which is great for the following game: and b) we’re (again) so good at “multitasking” that we’ll find the time to play …. “Factorio”.

Described as “a game about mining resources, planning and building factories, automating production and fighting alien enemies”, Factorio looks like one of the most-promising and optimisation-oriented titles we’ve come across. It’s not only about harvesting super-rare minerals while avoiding massive worms (like in Dune) or playing the always complicated politics’ game (like in Civilization). It’s all about designing the perfect assembly line while fighting other species. Not even Warcraft had that.

Factorio artwork
Factorio artwork

The thing is that the Czech team responsible for the game development (with the help of 2D and pixel-artist Albert) have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on IGG to reach a 17K goal and share a polished version of the current Alpha version of the game (which btw will be released next month).

Factorio screenshot
Factorio screenshot

If the funding is complete then we should see a first version with improved graphics by May… so you better share a  or a £ with them. More info this way.

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Operation: Make Stuff

26 September 2012

Because we love “stuff” we’re going to support this operation, and because there’s just too much clutter on Kickstarter that even their weekly “projects we love” doesn’t even scrap 1% of all the projects actually worth supporting… we’re going to support this project even more.

“What was that?” You may be asking yourself… well that was Cameron Kunzelman laughing at you, laughing at me… in a similar but much more subtle way Jason Eppink did over a year ago with his “funding friends of friends“… but mixing it with what FTL “we love you back” concept that came to be last April. The difference here is that Cameron is actually promising to produce a game, so his project can comply with KS’ terms and conditions in order to be published.

“Operation Make Sutff” will actually deliver something… a 5min RPG called Funeral, but it’s hidden under so much verbosity that you could get lost trying to understand what Funeral is actually about.

Yes, besides making stuff, Cameron Loves you... just like us
Yes, besides making stuff, Cameron Loves you… just like us

In Funeral Cameron will attempt to do something similar to the first five to ten minutes of Dragon Warrior (that classic Chunsoft RPG from the 80s developed for Nintendo)… but he’ll do it his way, promising us to give it an ending, over one fictional character, some DIY music and art… and quite a few endings.

he hasn't made it yet... but he will make it quicker thanks to those 200$!!
he hasn’t made it yet… but he will make it quicker thanks to those 200$!!

Honestly… you should give him a dollar or two (or a few Euro cents), because his previous games are actually quite enjoyable (in their very own way…)… and because they are beautiful too.

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