Viaje Astral

6 March 2012

I must have some kind of epileptic-phobia or a lack-of-epilepsy-complex because I always end up posting pretty much any video, film or clip which has some level of flashy multi-colored elements in it. If Neon Indian doesn’t release his monthly flashy clip… someone else will!

And who do we have this month? A bunch of Italian kings! From Rome… RedBull Music Academy participant Beniamino Petroselli (aka Venice) together with the “freshly born” Dumbo gets mad who dropped their even more psychedelic debut LP just over a year ago.

Intriguing to see what sort of “rocky trippy” experience these 6 have prepared for us and verify what we all have come to realise lately… that Italians do it (in fact) better. “Viaje Astral” can be streamed (and bought) on their collaborative bandcamp page.

Venice and Dumbo Gets Mad - track cover
Venice and Dumbo Gets Mad - track cover

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