Rollin Leonard

Faith Holland GIFs @ Transfer, Jul 11

10 July 2015

Faith Holland continues her incredible streak with the visual mixtape ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’, featuring more than 40 artists and screening at New York’s Transfer on July 11.

With ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’, which screens first at the gallery and then online at Digital Sweat Gallery the following day, Holland invites 40 different artists to offer their interpretations of sexual encounters. Included in the line-up are artists like Nicole Killian, Rollin Leonard and Alma Alloro.

The Brooklyn gallery is also the site of Holland’s latest exhibition, Technophilia (now extended until July 25), and her Visual Orgasms series of looped images and Ookie Canvas cum shot collages. ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’, originally intended as the finale of Holland’s show, is the climax (we had to) of Holland’s explorations into sexuality and the visual intensity of the porn industry.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Rollin Leonard @ Transfer Gallery, May 2 – 23

1 May 2015

Transfer Gallery is bringing in New Portraiture this weekend, the gallery’s second solo exhibition by Rollin Leonard, in a new partnership with XPO Gallery and, running at the Brooklyn space from May 2 to May 23.

The photographic, semi-sculptural objects in the New Portraiture collection are the result of Leonard’s extensive new series of work that will span three exhibition spaces. Opening physically at Transfer on May 2, the collection will then exhibit digitally at on May 20, and, after wrapping up at Transfer on May 23, the physical collection will move on to Paris’s XPO Gallery on May 28.

Continuing his exploration of the human body’s “digital afterlife”, Leonard’s photographed subjects are flattened by uniform lighting and an all-focus depth of field, algorithmically disjoined and dislimbed into abstract and yet still recognizably humanoid shapes.

See the Transfer Gallery exhibition page for details. **

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