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more Prometheus viral clips

19 March 2012

And because the original trailer didn’t grab enough attention the 20th Century Fox just released last Saturday one another 2:30min trailer… u know… just to see how many million viewers he would get this time. A few of course. The funny thing is that another couple of trailers were released this same weekend… which passed almost completely unnoticed….

The International trailer (which adds some even nicer footage and makes it much easier to digest than the US one), and one of those other mini-teasers that started with Guy Pierce a few weeks ago playing Weyland Industries tycoon Peter Weyland.

Another blink (tribute) to the Alien series by creating links such as this one and developing the Weyland world as part of the viral campaign for the film, sure many old fans will appreciate. “Weyland engineers have been working around the clock to bring you the newest, most advanced addition to the Weyland family: The David 8 Series”. Now all we’ve got left is … 2,5 months.

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Prometheus trailer

22 December 2011

Ridley Scott is from the “all about everything school”, and his sci-fi movies tend to be above everything else done before or after… pretty much. So the growing expectation about an Alien prequel (still in discussion if this is) has invaded every single corner of the Internet over the past few months.

After the leak last month the production team moved fast… and even if there’s still more than half a year until it’s premiere (the movie is still in post-production),  the tension has grown around the facebook page and dedicated itunes minisite with short 30sec teasers with Mr Scott talking proudly about his new creature… and himself of course.

I guess he can be cocky after all, we’ll judge next summer after seeing his “few” plot surprises with explorers, egos, origins of mankind discoveries and… maybe monsters? Who knows!

Phrometheus.. initial movie poster
Phrometheus.. initial movie poster



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Slim Up

10 January 2011

In exactly 17 days and 3 hours the summer youtube competition “Life in a day” and Ridley Scott & Kevin Macdonald project will be streamed from this year’s Sundance Festival, and it will premiere on-line while broadcasted from the indie event…

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“life in a day” competition

22 July 2010

Seems like collaborative films & on-line video contests are now more popular than ever (see the 140 film we’ve supported); after organising their “Play” contest in collaboration with Guggenheim NY (very very suspiciously resemblant to Vimeo’s contest) Youtube are back with another of their competitions.. and guess who they’ve partnered with this time…. Ridley Scott & Kevin Macdonald!

“Life in a day” is basically a documentary shot by filmmakers (here’s were you could enter) all over the world, another example of crowdsourcing, that serves as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. “One world. 24 hours. 6 billion perspectives”,

You have 24 hours to film a snippet of your life, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Then you upload your video to the YouTube “Life in a Day” channel before July 31. The most compelling footage will then be selected, edited, and incorporated into a film directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott.

“Life in a Day” will then premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in January. Winners won’t be paid but will be credited as co-directors, and 20 participants will be selected to attend the first showing. The documentary will also be made available on YouTube for free (yai!).

the rules?

According to the guidelines, there is “no right or wrong way” to document your life. “You can show us your life or just talk directly to the camera. Your footage can be 15 seconds or 2 hours.”

Sorry for the short notice, the contest ends in 2 days… so you better have an idea ready for the 24th!

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