Platinum Showcase @ REDCAT, Jul 8

7 July 2016

Outfest Los Angeles is presenting the Platinum Showcase film screening at Los Angeles’ REDCAT on July 8.

Showing as part of the LGBT film festival running July 7 to 17, the event will feature video works by artists and film makers including Vika Kirchenbauer, Kelly Gallagher, Madsen Minax, Gary Fembot, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, and Patrick Staff.

The screening comes under the Outfest Platinum Section programme umbrella, and will show a range of short experimental film that dives into the “annals of queer archives to explore the present and future of queer bodies”. Films include the premiere of Staff’s exploration of queer intergenerational relationships through archival footage from the Tom of Finland Foundation and Kirchenbauer’s ‘YOU ARE BORING!’ (2015) deconstructing “normative ideas around the trans body”.

Read an aqnb review of a recent ‘COOL FOR YOU’ performance by the latter Berlin-based artist here.

See the OUTFEST website for details.**

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Mike Kelley: Single Channel Videos @ REDCAT, Dec 14

14 December 2015

A screening of videos by Mike Kelley is taking place at Los Angeles’ REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) on December 14.

A hugely influential artist who passed away in 2012, the event will present a selection of the then California-based artist’s legacy with “innovative work mining American popular culture and both modernist and alternative traditions.”

The list of films to show include ‘Superman Recites Selections from The Bell Jar and Other Works by Sylvia Plath’ (1999), ‘Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (Domestic Scene)’ (2000), and collaborative pieces, ‘100 Reasons’ (1991) plus more.

See the REDCAT website for details.**

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Chris Kraus, Becket Flannery + Sylvère Lotringer @ REDCAT, Dec 8

8 December 2015

Writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus joins Sylvère Lotringer and Becket Flannery for a discussion on the 90s ‘Chance Event’ on the occasion of Semiotext(e)’s publication of Jean Baudrillard’s lecture for Chance at LA’s Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) on December 8.

Before Kraus’ I Love Dick (a confessional epistolary novel detailing her relationship with Lotringer and her obsession with a man named ‘Dick’), she organized a “three-day philosophy rave in the Nevada desert called Chance Event that became known as “the Burning Man of French theory”.

Kraus joins her former partner and Semiotext(e) general editor Lotringer and artist Flannery (who is currently writing a book on the Chance Event) for a timely discussion on Baudrillard’s lecture for Chance and as part of the Hotel Theory exhibition running October 3 to December 20.

See the FB event for details. **

Becket Flannery, “Seven-oh_six' (2015). Install view. Courtesy The Vanity, Los Angeles.
Becket Flannery, “Seven-oh_six’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy The Vanity, Los Angeles.
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18+ @ REDCAT Theater, Aug 23

20 August 2014

LA’s Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) will be hosting an audio-visual work by LA duo 18+ on August 23 at 8:30pm.

The interdisciplinary contemporary arts center located directly inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex brings in internationally renowned artists each season to take over the incredible presentation space, and Saturday night will be dedicated to Justin and Samia of 18+.

The collaborative duo use everything from audio and video to social media and live performance, operating anonymously and breaking down the boundaries between ‘original’ and ‘pirated’ content to explore “fundamental issues of identity, gender, intellectual property and the role of the body in a post-human or post-internet era”.

This event comes on the footsteps of the 18+’s latest 2-song EP, ‘Crow / Horn’, and their acclaimed mixtape trilogy. For their stint at REDCAT, the duo pairs audio and video material culled from their multiple online platforms, including twitter, Facebook, tumblr, YouTube, and mediafire.

See the REDCAT event page for details. **

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