Rainstick Fizz Plus

Sushi teaser

5 November 2012

Just 2 days to go until Hippos in tanks open the case where James Ferraro‘s new album “Sushi” (previously known as Rainstick Fizz Plus Shoop2DaDoop…etc) has been locked all these months.

The follow-up to last year’s Far Side Virtual (we got to talk to him about his 2011 work earlier on this year) got a first September teaser with “So N2U“, and besides a date and a name we were left in the dark for all those 11 tracks… but last Friday this hypnotizing clip for Lovesick (Sushi’s 6th track) made it’s Internet appearance.

A great way to start the weekend or this week… as  the digital release is programmed for this Wednesday followed by a physical one next Saturday… (and for sybarites… a limited-edition vinyl release in December). Pre-orders this way.


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