Princess Belsize Dollar

Kim Asendorf + Ole Fach @ Carroll/Fletcher, Jan 22 – Feb 21

19 January 2015

Carroll / Fletcher is bringing artists Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach together for a two-person exhibition titled Computer’s World and running at the London space from January 22 to February 21.

The fictive world created by the two artists ascribes markers normally associated with sentience to machines, creating a uncanny “familiar world made strange” in which the machines do as humans do, looking, analysing, expressing, rejoicing, “all the while watching us, consuming us, reflecting us, learning, becoming… becoming us.”

While Asendorf and Fach’s show questions how computers experience the world, Helen Carmel Benigson‘s opening night performance, ‘Anxious, Stressful, Insomnia Fat’, inspired by a health app that monitor’s women’s bodies, uses everything from a rap performance by alter ego Princess Belsize Dollar to live female weightlifters to explore the”flatness prescribed by the Internet onto the body”, much like Kate Cooper’s recent show at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

See the Carroll / Fletcher exhibition page for details on Computer’s World and their event page for details about Benigson’s performance. **


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