Prem Sahib

Prem Sahib @ Grand Union, Apr 21 – Jun 3

19 April 2016

London-based artist Prem Sahib is presenting solo show, Grand Union at Birmingham’s Grand Union, opening April 21 and running June 3.

The show will see Sahib —who works with what he feels from the atmosphere of spaces where physical encounters happen and when there is potential to touch and be touched —make a series of new objects that are “in choreographed conversation with each other”.

Grand Union has commissioned writer Huw Lemmey, author of recent Chubz (2015) to produce a short story, dank and rare, which will accompany the exhibition with its title that suggests a vague kind of coming together. Descriptors ‘dank and rare’ sound like inflections of the words proximity, anonymity and touch, also used to describe Sahib’s work in the press release, making note of his interest in drawing public spaces like saunas and clubs.

See the Grand Union exhibition page for more details.**

Prem Sahib, Side On (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and ICA
Prem Sahib, Side On (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and ICA.
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SECRET SURFACE @ KW Institut, Feb 13 – May 1

12 February 2016

The considerable SECRET SURFACE group show is on at Berlin’s KW Institut for Contemporary Art, opening February 13 and running to May 1.

The announcement for the exhibition opens with a quote from writer D.H. Lawrence’s ‘Chaos in Poetry’ essay, noting a person’s futile drive for order in life’s turmoil: “In [their] terror of chaos, [humanity] begins by putting up an umbrella between [themselves] and the everlasting chaos…”

Making a claim to going beyond an ‘occidental’ (see ‘Western’) world view, SECRET SURFACE  presents the work of 20+ artists and collectives including Auto ItaliaTrisha Baga, Anna Barham, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Lawrence Lek, Prem Sahib, Reena Spaulings, Philipp Timischl, Frances Stark and others, exploring “the location of experience itself, both in terms of subjectivity and towards the outer world.”

Curated by Ellen Blumenstein based on joint research with Catherine Wood, the exhibition will also include performances by artists already contributing works, as well as niv Acosta, Emily Roysdon, Patrick Staff, Cara Tolmie and more.

See the KW website for details. **

niv Acosta. Photo by Justin Fulton.
niv Acosta. Photo by Justin Fulton.
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‘Bloody English’ @ OHWOW, Jan 18 – Feb 15

20 January 2014

LA’s OHWOW Gallery explores a broad British identity with a group show, Bloody English, running from January 18 to February 15.

Curated by Ariella Wolens and drawing on the diversity of such a transient centre like London, artists Charlie BillinghamAdham FaramawyEmma HartCelia HemptonPatrick HoughOliver OsbornePrem Sahib, and Jesse Wine, come together to explore everything  from Victorian subversion and the role of institutions in establishing artistic value, to multiculturalism and the myth of homogeny in shaping national identity and a cultural sensibility.

See the OHWOW Gallery website for details. **

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