The End

7 July 2011

“The end is just the beginning” … such a trite. But despite the “moral” religious promises “The End” (Channel 4’s new on-line game) has all the ingredients for another on-line adventure.

Channel 4 newest “educational” game is not about sex, history or terrorism (for those you should check their previous titles) it’s about morality! Despite being games usually oriented at young people (adolescents…) we all have fun waisting a few of our minutes with these don’t we?

So starting next month “The End” should be available “in all your favorite browsers” mixing a platform-puzzle adventure with single & multiplayer modes … and “much more”. We’ll see about that, the trailer looks promising…. (these people at C4… should dedicate more resources & create their own gaming studio…. and less comedy series).

more info on the dedicated mini-website.

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