‘Powers of 7-8-9’

Joel Dean locates humanity outside the network in Powers of 7-8

15 December 2016

Joel Dean is presenting solo exhibition Powers of 7-8-9  at Atlanta’s Species, opening December 17 and running to December 31.

The press release reads as an intimate letter from two of his friends who attempt to ‘edit’ his original text, offering insight into his practice and upcoming show:

“I think part of why you’re struggling with the text (and why Jason and I are too) is that there feels like a renewed urgency for art to help us locate our humanity and our confusion and our anxiety in a moment when no tweet or talking head or think piece can.”

The New York-based artist recently exhibited First Person Problems (2016) at New York’s ISCP and Hard to be a God (2016) at London’s Weekends. He is also co-founder of Oakland’s Important Projects (2009 to 2014).

See the Species website for details.**

Joel Dean, 'Empty Stomach Challenge', (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Princess, New York.

Joel Dean, Empty Stomach Challenge, (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Princess, New York.


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