Portal 2

Portal 2

28 March 2011

One of the best games back in 2007 was indeed… Portal. An amazing platform-puzzle (which felt like a shooter but without the blood) conceived by Valve and to be more specific… by Kelly Bailey, Mike Morasky & Jonathan Coulton.

Those 3 magicians came up  with one of the most fun games throughout 2007, and their Aperture Science and especially GLaDOS delighted every single shooter, strategist and platform-freak gamers for equal.

3 and a half years later (with a bit of a delay) Portal 2 is quite ready to be rolled-out in the wild again (hopefully a longer, harder & tricker version with much more back humor). Date? April 18th  (around £27) and available not only via Valve’s Steam portal but also for Xbox 360 & PS3 via Electronic Arts…. and we couldn’t be more excited.

Because humans cannot be trusted Portal 2 includes an extra friend to Chell!… so besides all the new puzzles and platforms added to Portal2 (now that GLaDOS is awaken again) you’ll have the option to play in a two-player co-operative mode in which each player-character is a robot that has become self-aware due to GLaDOS’ influence, and requires the players to work together with their own portal guns to complete each level.

And a few more sweets have been added to P2… tractor beams, laser redirection, and special paint-like gels, taken from the Independent Games Festival-winning DigiPen student project Tag: The Power of Paint… and to know what all this feels like…. well, just 3 more weeks to go! (more info & videos on their page).

ahhhh…. if only science was really this fun! (in a few years it will be, trust us).

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