DENA – ‘Thin Rope’

19 July 2013

DENA (aka Denitza Todorova) has a way with words. Her knack for taking clichés and giving them new meaning -by virtue of writing and performing in a language, after Bulgarian and German, that is probably her third -makes them sound fresh. That’s what made her song ‘Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools’ a YouTube hit, along with the visually stunning video featuring Todorova hanging around a Neukölln flea market, so charming.

The same could be said for this new track ‘Thin Rope’, out on PopUnltd, July 21, that not only illustrates her tenuous relationship with conformity to “walking on a thin rope” but compares her single minded navigation of it to a video game. Hence, the bouncy 8-bit synth lines and twinkling embellishments, echoing Super Mario coin sound samples, as Todorova sings, “there is no button that I press and then it’s easy,  I gotta go through the whole level, then skip it”. Well said. **

Header image by Obi Blanche

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