Anarchic sexual desires…@ P/N, Jul 10 – Aug 10

8 July 2015

Project/Number launches a new group exhibition titled Anarchic sexual desires of plain unmarried schoolteachers, running at their London space from July 10 to August 10.

The exhibition, curated by writer/editor/curator Chris McCormack, brings together the works of six different artists—Charlotte Prodger, Rosa von Praunheim, Sofia Hultén, Terence McCormack, Irene Revell presenting HOMOCULT, and Joyce Wieland—as well as a publication featuring writing from close to twenty different writers, including I Love Dick‘s Chris Kraus and Jaki Irvine.

The theme of the exhibition and publication (which take their name from a line by Elizabeth Hardwick) continues what contributor Bruce Boone began in his short text, My Walk with Bob, formative in defining New Narrative writing—its characteristic wandering prose, and its “queer aesthetic of dissident erotic and emotional possibilities”.

See the P/N website for details. **

Chris Kraus, Gravity and Grace (1996). Film Still.
Chris Kraus, Gravity and Grace (1996). Film still.
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Foam’s Closing Party + Octagon Court @ P/N, Jun 15

12 June 2014

Mat Jenner closes his nomadic Foam project with a live performance by Octagon Court at London’s P/N project space on June 15.

In its latest installment, titled Space and time are reborn to us todayFoam took over P/N with an expanding archive of commissioned one-off 12-inch records, filling the space as art pieces do, inviting people to examine them closely and appreciate them in the quiet sobriety of a gallery.

For its closing night, Jenner has invited Octagon Court for a live performance, which will start at 6pm.

See the Project/Number event press release for details. **

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Space and Time Are Reborn to Us Today @ P/N, May 23 – Jun 15

16 May 2014

Mat Jenner‘s nomadic Foam project will install at London’s P/N project space for the presentation of a dub plate record archive, Space and Time Are Reborn to Us Today, opening May 23 and running to June 15.

The project functions as both an experimental platform for commissioning and as an expansive collection of artwork by selected artists through commissions, events, published material, and, of course, a growing archive of commissioned one-off 12″ records.

In Space and Time Are Reborn to Us Today, Jenner presents these release as unique, not broadcasted or digitally disseminated and thus limited to a physical location and inviting direct audience interaction.

The number of artists making their musical contribution to the world is mind-boggling, with names like Anna Barnham, Aura Satz, Benedict Drew, Candice Jacobs, Cecile B Evans, Daniel Keller, Erica Scourti, Hannah Black, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jesse Darling, Rob Chavasse and Yuri Pattison representing just a fraction of the 100+ contributing. That’s not mentioning, the remixes and music video spin-offs that come along with it.

See the Project/Number website for details. **

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