Please Sir…

Rachel Maclean @ Rowing, Nov 7 – Dec 20

6 November 2014

Artist Rachel Maclean is opening up her latest solo exhibition, titled Please, Sir… and running at London’s Rowing contemporary arts organisation from November 7 to December 20.

By way of a press release or exhibition description, Rowing has released a quirky glossary of terms written by artist Sabel Gavaldon with entries like AUSTERITY. It’s rare to find, particularly among its most fervent advocates. and TALENT. Praise it, make money out of it, but don’t venture to define it. (See TALENT SHOWS.).

The only images released are a still from a video that takes its title from the exhibition (or vice versa) and rose-tinted image of a Boy George-like character standing at the center of a raised, royal platform, giving little away as to the nature and aesthetics of the exhibition. But judging for Maclean’s previous work, including Rowing’s Heathers exhibition, it will be pop-y as hell.

See the Rowing exhibition page for details. **

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 2.33.38 PM

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